Visa to Russia from USA

Invitations and visas to Russia from USA in 2021.

It was not any problem to get Russian invitation and visa for American citizens till March month of 2020 when global pandemic officially started and borders was closed.

From summer of 2020 visa restrictions in Russia for foreigners was a bit lift down but some difficults with Russian visas from USA are still actual.

Good news that Russian consulate working now in US as before from autumn 2020. So you can get your visa if you get invitation from Russia.

Lets take a look what visas now can be obtained in US to visit Russia in the beginning of 2021.

You can get private visa to Russia now if you have close relative in Russia.

Travel visas to Russia not available now.

Business visas from USA to Russia not available also.

Working visa is possible to get if your Russian job giver company can supply you with working invitation and ready to help to arrange work permit in Russia also to pay salary and pay taxes for you. So as to take all legal responsibility for foreign worker. It’s a good way to go Russia now in legal and proper way.

Technical support visa to Russia also good way now. It is like business visa, but process time to get it ready is about 2 month and even more now. Its very popular visa now.

Student visa to Russia now impossible to arrange.

Visa to pilots for international air companies also possible to get now if applicant have pilot documents.

If you have Russian visa and plan to go Russia now in 2021 you must know that crossing Russian border is very hard and complicated issue. You must be ready to answer a lot of questions and your inviting Russian company also must be ready to help you to confirm your aim of visit. Otherwise you can be not allowed to come to Russia. Its very important point now!

If US citizen like to stay in Russia for long time the best way is to get permit to live here.

The main documents to start process for permit to live in Russia are:

Criminal background letter form FBI with apostile.

Medical documents.

Russian diploma or Russian language certificate.

Local Russian registration.

Legal base for TRP. It can be quota or wedlock.

You can get all documents for TRP directly from Russia if you follow this simple steps.

1) Do fingerprints. As far as I know the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Moscow is the only organization that can do this. It looks like their office recently moved to 4, Stasovoy street. You need to make an appointment in advance and they only do fingerprints one day per week. To save time you should also print and fill out an FD-258 fingerprint card and take two copies with you to your fingerprint appointment, link below.

2) Send your completed fingerprint cards to Accurate Biometrics in USA (their address is in the link below) via DHL or other international shipping service from Moscow. On Accurate Biometric’s website, print and fill out an Applicant Information Form, credit card payment form and checklist (see link below). Assuming the application form hasn’t changed, select Option 3: two-day priority service and indicate where you would like the FBI report to be mailed (NOTE: you need the actual original paper report, not the web report!).  Note that it needs to be mailed within the US, I had it mailed to a friend who agreed to help me.

3) Once your friend/relative in the US receives the original FBI report, have them send it to FBI Apostle Services in Washington DC to process the apostle, see web link below. You should fill out the service order form and credit card authorization form on their website and email these files to your friend/relative for them to print and include in the mailing to FBI Apostle Services, together with the FBI report. You will need to call FBI Apostle Services to tell them you want the FBI report and completed apostle sent back to you in Moscow and ask them which courier service to use and which Moscow address to indicate, and include the address in the documents return address information section on the service order form. Their customer service is excellent.

If you need russian visa or permit to live in Russia you can contact out Moscow tel or WA + 7 985 220-82-81 and we would be glad to help