Visa to Russia from Canada

Just right now in the end of the spring 2021 it is impossible to arrage travel or business visa to Russia from Canada.

But you can get working or medical russian visa and go to Russia with it.

The process is well known.

First of all you should order and get working or medical invitation.

The process to get it it ready is from 1 to 2 month time now.

After you can get official invitation you should contact russian consulate and via russian site make an order to get visa.

Several important points you should know about invitations.

  1. The invitation must be only on MVD official blank with official number, origianal not needed, the main point is number.
  2. Second important point is when you got visa the imformation about your travel must be put in russian open official site «государственные услуги».
  3. From the very beggining of visa process you must inform russiain invition party about place where you come in. Please inform about you russian arriving air-port.

In process of getting visa russian consualte may ask you about additional documents for visa such as work contract or medical papers and invition party must supply you with it to cross russian border in propper way.

Our moscow company can help you with all these documents to get medical ot working visa and to come Russia in proper and legal way.

Process time for invitations now may variates depending much of season and queue im migration department in Moscow. Actual time to get it ready now from 30 to 60 days.

As process with travel, business and student visas restart for canadian passport holders we will be glad to help with all kind of available invitations to get visas to go Russia.

Whats to do if you get reject for invitation and visa to Russia?

There are only 2 cases to get official refuse for invitation and visa.

  1. You have traveled to Russia before and broked visa time. In this case you can not come Russia againe in 5 years time. This consider to be migration violation. In this case our company can help to suspend and officialy lift restrictions via russian court.
  2. The refuse can be for political reasons and connected with stop lists in russian Ministry of Foreign Affears. In this case we can not help.

Our company also can help with long term stay in Russia, we can help to get permit to live in Russia in moscow region. If you plan to come and get permit to live in Russia you should prepare criminal background documents in advance and legalize and translate it in russian consulate in Canada coz these documents are not apostilized to use in Russia.