Visa to Russia from Egypt

Just now in the end of 2020 visas to Russia from Egypt are possible to get without many problems.

Last update in general.

Private visas to Russia from Egypt now available.

Travel visas to Russia still not available in Egypt. We are waiting to restart travel short visits from January next year.

Business visas to Russia now possible to get in Cairo and in Alexandria. Russian consulates in Egypt are working well. The invitations also available. Process time to get official invitation from Russian MVD is about 20 days to get than 1 year visa. Visa process is from 1 day till 2 weeks now.

Working visas to Russia also possible to get now in Egypt. But only if Russian job giver company agree to supply applicant with all official papers and support on border to cross it in proper way. Then job giver must help to get permit to work and register new worker. Please keep in mind that working visa can be extended only by job giver in Russia.

Student visas now not available. We are waiting for positive update close to summer 2021.